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 I am Ashik Elahi offers you to set back and watch your business grow. Before starting our conversation, Let me introduce myself, I am a Social media consultant for four years.I will manage your different channels in different ways and means. You know every social media channel have their own characteristics, and every user has a common perspective while switching one channel to another.So based on the behavior of the user I will introduce a different strategic model. And based on the nature of your business I will align my strategy and monitor it 24/7. So let’s start and build your business together.


Social Media Cosulting
Facebook Marketing
Social Media Manager

I Will Do For You

Will Run Campaigns For You

I will run different campaigns such as Facebook ad campaigns, Instagram ad campaigns, Google ad campaigns, Youtube ad campaigns, Promotions and etc.

Be The Voice Of Your Brand

Marketing is the fundamental issue for every business. I will act as the Voice, eyes, and ears for the client. And one important thing is in the present era the influencers play a great part while it comes to lead generation. I will connect the influencers and would manage them to promote your business.

Development Of Your Brand Strategy

As a social media consultant, my first job is to fix a meeting with you. We will discuss the desire for your brand, the shortcomings, And what you want? If you want leads or you would need more customers. that’s two are completely different issues. Based on your given data I will form a strategy. Every content, blog, the video will signify my strategy. And at the end of my tenure as a social media manager, you will start to see your desired result.

Our Offer For Verified Facebook Business Manager



Life Time

What’s included:



Life Time

What’s included:



/ Life Time

What’s included:


Done in a logical organic way through analysing target groups. No bots involved so it was want I wanted. Thanks!.


In a very short time he has been able to manage a new BUSINESS MANAGER for me. Thank you so much for doing the job. I hope I can do more PROJECT with you.


Thank you so much, Ashik was very patient with me. I would recommend him, his work is astounding. And his prices are awesome. This is 2nd project with him and I will definitely be using his again. Thank you again


My business manager and ADS account were disabled. I gave up hope. But Ashik recovered my business manager and ADS account in a very short time. Ashik has worked like a complete magician in the project. Thank you very much, friend.


This seller is the best seller on fiverr. I will definitely work more with this person in the future. In a very short time, he has been able to create a verified business manager account for me. Highly Recommended!


Fantastic. Thank you. Great communication, knowledge and ideas. Ashik knows exactly what he's doing and doesn't take short cuts. Project delivered on-time. Currently he is helping me to increase sell of my Shopify website. And he doing well.


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